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Request to Ministry of Sports by ANFA to investigate the dispute between Coach Abdullah and Pankaj Nembang

Kelme Nepal
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  • 2021-07-30
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An emergency meeting of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) working committee will recommend to the Ministry of Youth and Sports that the dispute between Coach Abdullah AI Mutairi and senior vice-president Pankaj Nembang be investigated.

The working committee's emergency meeting will write to the ministry to draw a conclusion based on their correspondence.

The meeting lasted about three hours and hold discussions on the reasons for Coach Abdullah Al Mutari's resignation via social media.

Pankaj Nembang also spoke at today’s meeting. However, it is now claimed that if the coach is fired, football will be ruined, and the organization's and football's interests should be protected. It has been decided to put the dispute aside and return the coach to training from tomorrow onwards.

Coach Abdullah was also in attendance. Senior vice-president Pankaj Nembang, on the other hand, said the Coach went outside being angry after sitting for a while. He expressed his appreciation for Al Mutairi's request for an investigation. He did say, however, that the investigation into Abdullah's intention to humiliate him by mentioning his name on social media is still ongoing.

He also accused him with inventing various justifications for making institutional decisions. He also stated that if the investigation proves him to be wrong, he will resign from his position, and that Coach Abdullah AI Mutairi violated the discipline and appropriate decision is yet to be made on this.

Despite the presence of 17 working committee members, the opposition was out in the middle from the meeting.