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Rohit Kumar Poudel, the aspiring hope of National Cricket Team (Video)

Kelme Nepal
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  • 2021-09-14
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  • Rohit joined the national team in Oman about a year and a half later
  • Rohit's patience and aggression were excellent in the second match against PNG
  • He is now Nepal's third-highest run scorer in one-day international cricket
  • The team now has high hopes for him

Who hasn't experienced the agony of a player representing their country for a period of time and then being cut from the squad? Many such players exist in Nepali cricket, who have spent time in the senior team but have found it difficult to return once the team has been disbanded. So much so that when they can't do it, some players are put under a lot of mental strain. What a pain it is to be out of the team for a few years after being immersed in senior cricket, as experienced young player Rohit Poudel knows it very well.

He was selected for the 2020 ICC Cricket World Cup, which was held in Nepal. He didn't even get a chance to play at the time. He was quickly dropped from the Eastern Region Championships team in Thailand. Rohit, who has since become a regular member of the team, was released from the national team just two years after making his debut.

Rohit, who set a record for scoring a half-century in ODI cricket at a young age in a game against the UAE in 2019 dropped out of the team a year later.

Following that, the series to be played by Nepal was postponed due to Covid-19 and the pandemic. However, Rohit was able to identify and work on his flaws after the team was eliminated.

When Nepal went on an international tour after the situation became ease amid the Covid-19, Rohit thought it was a lottery. Rohit, who was not on the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN)'s list of players was invited to the camp, with another opportunity to play for the national team after the resignation of Former Captain Paras Khadka from the International cricket.

Rohit's name was not on the list of camps when the Nepali team was preparing for the tour of Oman. When Paras's unexpected retirement caught everyone off guard, the door to opportunity reopened for Rohit. CAN called Rohit to the team in place of Paras. He had no expectation of joining the team because he was not on the initial list. Rohit joined the national team in Oman about a year and a half later.

He was unsure whether he would be in the starting 11 of the team even after arriving in Oman. He was completely unaware of it. The injury of Vice-captain Dipendra Singh Airee, however, was an irony for the team and another opportunity for Rohit.

The Nepali team was in training ahead of their two One Day International (ODI) against Papua New Guinea national cricket team (PNG). The games, which had been scheduled for 5th and 8th of September, 2021, were later rescheduled for 7th and 10th of September, 2021.

If there had been a game with PNG on the first date, Dipendra might have played at least one game, and Rohit was certain he would not have gotten the chance. However, due to the game's postponement and Dipendra's injury, Rohit was able to join the team.

Rohit, who was in the starting XI, not only came close to winning the match, but also played a controlled innings in the first ODI against PNG. He led Nepal to victory with a target of 135 runs while the team's wickets were falling from one side.

He batted 65 times and knocked in 41 runs. After his performance in the first game, the team decided to keep him in the lineup for the second ODI. However, by increasing the level of responsibility, Rohit, who batted at number six in the first, came to the crease at number four in the second game.

Rohit's patience and aggression were excellent in the second match against PNG. He batted with restraint, scoring 86 runs in 123 balls. This was his highest personal total in ODI cricket. He had two fours and three sixes in his innings.

He took advantage of the opportunity, forgetting about the pain of being out of the team for a few years, and demonstrated that he is an important member of the team once more.

He didn't stop there with his performance. Rohit also became the master of victories in the ICC World Cup Cricket League Two match against the United States. The winning innings was played by Rohit.  Rohit Poudel along with Binod Bhandari who has a strong ODI partnership with Kushal Bhurtel, led the team to victory.

Rohit's playing style has also changed as a result of this game. He did not make a mistake by dismissing the US attack. Rohit, who came to the crease having scored nine runs off 33 balls, gradually increased his pace. He scored 62 off 87 balls with the help of two fours and three sixes.

As a result, he became the first Nepali player to score two successive fifties in one day international cricket. He said he was focused on how to get out of the tension when the team was out when speaking to the media after the PNG match. Not only that, but the Nepali team's captains, coaches, and players were all blown away by Rohit's performance.

In Nepali cricket, there are numerous examples where once a player is dropped from the team, he is gone for good and there are few opportunities to combine. Gyanendra Malla, the captain, also stated that once a player is dismissed, he should be given another chance to prove himself. He went on to say that Rohit's current performance has greatly benefited the team. When Rohit arrived on this tour, it was unclear whether he would be part of the team. However, the team now has high hopes for him.

Rohit's performance in the last three games has also demonstrated how hungry he is for runs. Rohit has scored 190 runs in the last three games. He is now Nepal's third-highest run scorer in one-day international cricket. Former captains Paras Khadka and Gyanendra Malla comes prior to him.

Let's take a look at what he had to say: